Theme Store App Doesn't Work At All

Jul 14, 2015

Had my Mi Note Pro for 1 week (live in UK). For background, It came with the Chinese firmware and Play Store but I wanted to switch to Developer ROM - when i did this I lost the Play Store and had to side load etc etc. I did this and then realised I should use the Multi Lang firmware from this site so I flashed that on top (5.7.2, and now 5.7.10).

Since I can remember - on original firmware and now Multi Lang (5.7.2 / 5.7.10) Themes don't work. When I open the App It renders some contents but no images at all. When I click on a theme it says: "Cant load preview", when I click into a category (e.g. flat) it says: "Cant load themes". If I try to download a theme the download fails...

I have tried deleting App Data/Cache and rebooting. Nothing works. I hoped the 5.7.10 update would somehow kick it into life but no luck.

Any ideas? Thanks!