Tool Backup/restore By @iceman_it For Linux


Sep 22, 2015

Backup Twrp by @IceMan_it multilingual
Link to the original site:

The version, written exclusively for the Linux platform, 64 bit (does not run on 32 bits!) Works with all twrp phones, has the following features:

1) Multilingual (English, Italian, Spanish and French)
2) Partial or complete copies and restore (all copies based on device recovery.fstab)
3) Error-free Backup and Restore EFS Partition!
4) restart the menu

The program works by connecting the phone in TWRP mode and, unlike other similar tools, uses the file "recovery.fstab". In practice, when you select backup, the program reads the file by inserting the automaton in the search for partitions to be saved by going to read the recovery.fstab copying it to the PC to modify it and build, through a set of commands, all the files needed to back up and restore files.

Download the .tar file and put it in the Desk (NB Attention, Linux differentiates the caption from the lowercase)

Command to unpack .tar files with terminal (from Desk):
cd Desk tar -xvf twrp_backups_by_Iceman_multilang.tar
In general: tar xvf filename.tar
Command to open the program with terminal:
(cd Writing) cd twrp_backups_by_Iceman_multilang && ./
Tested on Ubuntu 16.04LTS with Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. TWRP 3.1.1 by @IceMan_it
Obviously for the restore you have to select option "B" (see picture 2). You will always find the ability to restore only the EFS partition, in addition to the backup restore you made (all or partial).

Inviato dal mio Mi Note 2 utilizzando Tapatalk