Torn between the Poco F2 Pro and Mi 10T


Sep 29, 2020
Hey everyone,

I'm looking to pick up one of these phones and I'm honestly lost. I don't think I care much about the refresh rate since I mostly consume content and don't play games, but is an LCD panel better in the long run?

Poco F2 Pro's AMOLED panel and full-screen display is a big plus for me and it even comes with a pre-installed screen protector which is always nice. I assume the Mi 10T doesn't come with factory screen protector and the side mounted finger print sensor is a bit of a drawback for me since I'm left-handed.

I'm honestly leaning more toward Poco F2 Pro, but I just wanted to hear some opinions. A friend of mine always suggests that "If you're buying Xiaomi, always stick to the Mi line." He believes the best quality will always be offered through the Mi line and going for anything else may be risky.

Another question that I have is whether I should go for the higher RAM versions for longevity or would that just be a negligible aspect? The Poco F2 Pro costs around 350 euros with 6GB of DDR4x RAM while the 8GB DDR5 version costs about 500 euros.

The mi 10T pro on the other hand costs 500 euros for the 6GB DDR5 RAM version. If you'd think that the 150 euro difference is too much for 2GB of RAM even it's a faster kind, I'd say the base Poco F2 Pro is like a no-brainer.

Thanks in advance ^^
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Aug 4, 2012
im in the same boat as you but im leaning towards the mi10t because of the following reasons:

- after having used a high refresh display on my phone i cant use one without it. 60hz just looks too choppy to me now
- ive used both amoled and lcd screens in the past and can say that amoled is overrated. people seem to forget the eye strain it causes, burn in issues,
visible sub pixels and potential issues with dark/black content (like banding, purple shift..). True a high end amoled screen is better than lcd but not at this price range
- the mi10t also comes with a screenprotector
- slightly bigger battery

however i think you should get the poco f2 pro because
- the base version of the mi10t has also 6gb ram not 8gb
- 350 is a far better price (in my region it costs 415)

unless you have used 90+ hz displays in the past the poco is the better deal
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