Transferring data from Mi Max 3 to Note 11 Pro


Oct 18, 2018
I'm receiving my new Note 11 Pro tomorrow so hopefully I'll be transferring data from my old Mix Max 3 to it.
It's been a while since I've done this on an Android so I'm wondering what's the best way to go about it and which apps to use nowadays?

I transferred all the data from an iPhone to another iPhone not so long ago which I have to say Apple has a major advantage over Android in its simplicity yet possibly expected being a closed shop so to speak. I don't expect Android to match this.

Does Xiaomi have an app that seamlessly transfers all the data from one Xiaomi to another?

Is it still the case of backing up your WhatsApp chats in the cloud, say Google Drive and installing that separately.

What would you recommend? TBH, I'm not bothered about losing settings, in fact I feel having a fresh start for apps might be better. I just need my WhatsApp, texts, call logs. Google has got my photos and contacts stored online.

If I might be overlooking anything then please let me know. I'm not using any of Xiaomi's backup services but should I be, over Google?

Thanks very much and hope you can help.