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Sep 23, 2021

On most of my PC's for many years, I've been using Symantec Ghost or recently, Acronis TrueImage to create cloned imagefiles that can be restored if a Windows update causes issues, it's happened many times and I've always been able to get back to when the imagefile being restore was cloned.

Using X3 Pro and TWRP 3.5.2_11-0. Currently installed Xiaomi-Eu 12.5.4 Stable after OTA updating from 12.5.3 Stable.

Now, I was under the understanding thst if I created a backup with TWRP that I could restore basically at any time and the mobile would be the same as when the backup was created.

TWRP backup of 12.5.4 Stable includes:
1. Data
2. Boot
3. Modem
4. Recovery
5. Super (product, vendor, system, system_ext, odm)

Just a couple of questions please:
1. Can I use the 12.5.3 stable backup and restore 12.5.4 Stable and have a fully functional 12.5.3 Stable rom?
2. If I want to install and test another custom Rom like ArrowOS, Lineage etc. and don't like it, can I restore say 12.5.4 Stable and have the mobile function as if it was before I installed another custom Rom?
3. From forum members experiences, which Recovery works best, TWRP, OrangeFox or other?

I'm starting to get the TWRP createTarFork() error 255 when backing up DATA and having to delete the /data/etm folder.

I'm just trying to get my head around how mobile TWRP or OrangeFox recoveries work and what I can or cannot do and hopefully a reason why it just won't work as I think it should.

Cheerz :) :D ;)
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