Twrp Install Problem On Mi4c - Solution

May 29, 2015
Hi guys,

I have received my Mi4c with locked bootloader but have unlocked with fastboot and MIflash. I have installed the eu rom with no problem, but every time i tried to install TWRP ( with fastboot or installer app) run into the same problem: After restart MI recovery come back.

After many unsuccessful tries i have find a solution:

1. Download TWRP flash image (.zip) into any folder of the phone
2. Boot the phone into fastboot mode ( vol- + power)
3. Boot the phone with fastboot command into TWRP ( fastboot boot twrp.img)
4. Install the previously downloaded TWRP image with the running TWRP to the phone ( in TWRP click 'install' and select the .zip file)
5. Restart

After this i have a succesfully installed TWRP and MI recovery is no longer coming back.

I hope that this helps for someone who has the same problem.
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