Unable to flash Xiaomi.eu rom with TRWP on Mi 11 ultra


Oct 17, 2016
Hello guys. I have an Mi 11 Ultra chinese version, unlocked bootloader and flashed "from factory lol" with global ROM MIUI 13.0.6 - Android 12.
I sucessfully installed TWRP 3.7.0_12-Mi11Ultra_v6.5_A12 for recovery.
The thing is that I can't wipe data or anything through TWRP or install the xiaomi.eu ROM.
When it boots it gives an error: "Unable to localte storage device." - written in red.

Decryption seems to be ok:
"Attempting to decrypt FBE for user 0...
User 0 Decrypted Successfully
Attempting to decrypt FBE for usar 999...
User 999 Decrypted Sucessfully
Data successfully decrypted
Updating partition details...
... done
Full SELinux support is present.
MTP Enable."

So I found a possible fix for it:


How to Fix TWRP Unable to Mount Storage​

Warning: This option will remove all the data contains in your mobile. Please make a back-up of your data before proceeding to the next step we will not be responsible for any loss of your data.

  1. The first thing to try is if somehow your internal storage became encrypted when using a legacy screen lock method.
  2. Go to your Android device’s Settings > Security > Screen Lock, and change your screen lock method to either Pass or Pin. Create a new one.
  3. Reboot into TWRP, and it should ask for a password – enter the pass or pin you just created.
  4. TWRP will attempt to decrypt your device’s internal storage, and if it succeeds, you should not have further issues. However, if this does not solve your issue of “unable to mount data, internal storage 0mb”, continue with the rest of this guide.
  5. Reboot your device into TWRP again.
  6. Navigate to Wipe > Advance Wipe > Data, and choose Repair or Change File System.
  7. Press Repair File System to see if this fixes the issue. If not, continue.
  8. Press Change File System, choose Ext2, and swipe to confirm.
  9. Now switch back to Ext4 and swipe to confirm.
  10. Go back to TWRP main menu, then the Mount menu, and check if your partitions can be mounted now.
  11. If you are still unable to mount your partitions, you need to repair Internal partition, which will most likely wipe your internal storage.

My question is, is it safe to do this procedure, I'm kinda afraid of doing something dumb and end up with a brick lol.

Btw: The first solution didnt work for me (changing screen lock method), so I would need to change file system
Dont mess with TWRP..

use fastboot commands
fastboot erase userdata
fastboot erase metadata
fastboot reboot
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Dont mess with TWRP..

use fastboot commands
fastboot erase userdata
fastboot erase metadata
fastboot reboot
Thanks for the reply.
But I guess then TWRP Will keep not able to mount and install the rom (even after the wipe). So do you recomend installing the rom through fastboot?