Unable To Voice Call In/out In France (free Mobile)


Oct 23, 2016

I bought a MI 5c last year, used it for one month in France without problem.
Then I moved to SEA in november, and had to go into Sing Assistant to allow the 4G frequencies to work (True TH)
Around february I think (regular updates), the Free mobile sim card stopped receiving SMS (free roaming from France)
I switch the card to my old backup brick phone to get SMS
Now I'm back in France, and I can't get the MI 5C to work here :
Data works
SMS seem to work
Unable to receive or get phone calls

Miui 9.6 by xiaomi.eu 8.4.19 beta
Free 2€

I tried in Sing Assistant : radio mode Tec 3/5
Tried to restrict the network : lte/3g/2g
Without success

Either I'm missing something or I'm missing something.
Anyone has any clues ?