Update idea?


Nov 18, 2011
Its just an idea, don't think that i'm complaining.

I think it would be pretty cool to include more transition effects with the Miui package. After all it is a major part of the way your phone presents itself to you. It the lastest version of HTC Sence there is a HUGE range of effects, and I would like to see things added that will change the personality of my phone, and also how cool it can be.

Few Ideas:

3d sphere (globe effect)
Inside 3d cube

Also, it would be awesome, if when you got to the end of the home screen to one edge, it then went round, and started at the other end so it continues round.

Please tell me if i'm being stupid, but if there is a way to do it, i would hope that you consider. Anybody else got any other transition effects they would like to see?
I second that. Let's add some more zing.....

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