Update needs password


Jan 20, 2021
Hi all, i have a full running Xiaomi Redmi K30 5G. current MIUI-version is MIUI 12.3 b20.12.10
if i check if there is a new update there is so i downloaded it. but as ossn as i try to apply this new downloaded update it is asking for a decryption password.
but none of my normal used password do match.
does anyone knwos this password or even better why it is even asking for this as i'm not aware of setting this anyway
also what / why is it encrypted ?
i know what encryption is doing but then i need to know also the password for now and future update's right ?


Oct 3, 2019

You need to type your pin/password used for unlocking your device, in TWRP. ;)

If it doesn't work, try to remove your pin/password/pattern in phone's settings, before trying to install a ROM update. :)

If it's not working, try to flash a newer TWRP version via fastboot, like this one for "picasso" => https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=17248734326145707809
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