Updating Partition in Preparation for MIUI ICS

Discussion in 'Xiaomi Mi One/Mi One S' started by ORiN, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. I just updated my Xiaomi to the latest 2.3.5r. In preparation to MIUI ICS, I read that I need to update my partitions. However, I would like to confirm with the community whether my apps and data will still be intact after updating the partition.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who will be replying!
  2. bluebird


    Jan 14, 2012
    My experience - which was a lesson in how not to do it was quite reassuring. The one thing I did right was to use the MIUI backup utility. (not the cloud although I use that too). So what I lost was the email/corporate/facebook/twitter/Xiaomi accounts and bookmarks. So I would suggest keeping a record of these somewhere in case you need to re enter them. Everything else could be restored from MIUI backup - contacts, texts, call log, WIFI settings, etc.

    Again, this only relates to my worst case scenario where I ended up reflashing, others may be able to share a more standard experience
  3. MarkHUK

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    Seems a sensible approach. Backup from GB first, go into recovery, update partitions etc, flash ICS then perform a restore.

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