USB isssues LG Optimus 2X


Jul 28, 2011

I am not sure if anyone is working on this issue right now,

Issue: LO O2X hangs when we connected to a PC via USB.

Can someone help in getting this issue solved?

I have the log_cat file which i took from adb shell , if anyone is looking into it i can share the log file,

MIUI dev guys please help here. I have tried all most every ROM out there nothing is as great as MIUI , its just the USB issue which bugs a lot O2X customers, this issue doesnt Reproduce with cyanogenmod.
The usb bug is there since first release, but seems like noone cares about it ...

Miui is a great rom, but the support is terrible/ there is no support !

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hi, this is kamal saini and i have been using miui roms since 2 months but i am also facing the problem with mounting of usb storage. this issue is not solved in any of the latest releases of miui roms.

if any one wants a solution they can flash by wiui rom 2.2.24.

but i am looking for a solution with the latest releases does any one have the solution