Use of Funambol

Dec 14, 2012
Well I`m a happy owner of the mi2 since a about a month now, and everything is working perfectly, just one problem.
I`m using FunV10 for syncing my address book & calendar, while calendar is working perfect as I want the address book gives me a headache.

The first sync after install looks ok, just ended with an error, but all the contacts are available. Then I want to add/change contacts: it`s just impossible, no possibilities to edit them, while adding isn`t working either.
Making a new contact om my comp. and try to sync that to the mi2 nothing is happening just the ones from the first sync are available.

It looks like some kind of database file is readonly, got no clue where to look for an answer. On my other android (Old HTC Desire) it is still working as it should, same version on both of them.

Does somebody have an idea what to do in this case? I guess it must have to do something with filepersmissions on the mi2.