Video Calls and Noice cancellation


Mar 20, 2012
I find it right now that miui does not offer Video Calls -even though they are on the samsung roms and there is a camera for that :)- and there is no noice cancellation available, even though you have a microphone for that..
Is there a plan to include them??
i have the problem to call.. when i put the number then click the call button it suddenly crash and me please..
So sorry to hear this but I can't give you any solution. I'm not a dev and since you don't provide a Phone Model (say SGSII) and MIUI version you're using (say 2.4.20) there is not much to look for, is it?
I would tell you to start fresh with a full wipe because 2.4.20 does not have this issues, or at least not too widespread.
i've done full wiped..but still the same.. i can't called my friend... mine samsung galaxy s2