Viper speaker not working


May 4, 2012
when i am in viper call i try to put the call in speaker but i press the button and nothing works... :S
This is a 3rd party application?

Use the default phone application.

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i have unistall/install the viber app and downloaded it from official play/market and still when am on a call i cant put the person who called me on loudspeaker.i have to say that on the official samsung ginger and ics rom it worked without problems.does any one knows if its an miui rom bug or an app problem?please let me know
I'm using Samsung Galaxy GT-i9000 (IMEI 351751043951832) and have installed the Viber software. However, when I make a call, I can hear from other sides but they can't hear me. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the Viber but it does not work properly. Please advise if any error with my phone or my phone does not support Viber.