Vote on the new slogan for MIUI


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Nov 6, 2010
MIUI are looking to create a unique slogan which can be used to associate with the ROM. We're running a poll to see what people think of the suggested slogans.

My contribution was <strong>MIUI, Android Evolved</strong>

<strong><a href="!">Tell us what you think by voting for your favorite here</a></strong>

<strong>Suggestions so far:</strong>
<li>MIUI, Make Android Your Own</li>
<li>MIUI, Android Your Own</li>
<li>MIUI, Android on steroid</li>
<li>MIUI, Android the next dimension</li>
<li>MIUI, the future of Android</li>
<li>MIUI, Re-define Android</li>
<li>MIUI, Android Evolved! (My suggestion to MIUI)</li>