Weak Loudspeaker problem


Jul 26, 2020
Dear all, I just bought a Redmi Note 8 pro I am happy about for everything but not the loudspeaker volume that I found out to be extremely weak.
I am coming from a Redmi note 5 plus experience and you cannot compare the volume level.
I am referring to the volume during the call other than during listening to any media; during the calls using the loudspeaker, it appears to be far too weak.
I tried to enter into the MTK system page using the code *#*#3646633#*#* and changed all the numbers referred to the loudspeaker setting but nothing changed.
I also tried to change the region setting selecting a different country as it appears that some European countries have volume limitations but, nothing again.
I do not know if there is a ROM that can fix this problem; if the MIUI 12 will work fine to this extent or any other thing to try out.
Any suggestion? If I won't be able to fix the problem I will have to get rid of it since I do a lot of phone calls using the loudspeaker.
On a different topic can you suggest me any new Xiaomi model having a powerful loudspeaker?
Many thanks to you all.