Weather Conditions in calendar


Dec 22, 2010
When I open up my calendar, on certain dates there are weather conditions. These conditions appear on the same day ever year. What are they? I only have one calendar showing (my google one) and there's no weather on there.


EG: "Warm" is written on every July 7th..."Heatwave" on every August 23rd etc

Is it something I've installed (and if so, does anyone have any ideas on how to get rid of it) or what?
I have same issue. July 7th warm Aug 23 Heatwave september 8th Dew
MIUI Rom 1.7.15 on Acer Liquid

reverted back to 1.7.8 for bluetooth dialing and calendar has same date issues.
I probably missed something, but I decompiled all apps on my phone and searched for "Warm" or "Heatwave" and came up with nothing. So my guess is that it isn't a string, but something else.
Would be interesting to know how widespread this is.
Looked at it once again, and it is only visible when I view month. In week- and dayview its not there. Nor in agenda. Looked at the Google-account calendar, and its not there either. (Synchronizing this with my phone). Seems to me like there is a calendar-template (or something), making this strange thing. Just an idea, Im not a programmer...

Ok I think I've worked it out. After coming up with nothing by decompiling the apps, I decided to check with the framework-res. These strings are included in there for some reason.

<string name="the_spring_festival" />
    <string name="lantern_festival" />
    <string name="the_dragon_boat_festival" />
    <string name="double_seventh_day" />
    <string name="the_mid_autumn_festival" />
    <string name="the_double_ninth_festival" />
    <string name="the_laba_rice_porridge_festival" />
    <string name="new_years_day" />
    <string name="valentines_day" />
    <string name="international_womens_day" />
    <string name="arbor_day" />
    <string name="fools_day" />
    <string name="labour_day" />
    <string name="chinese_youth_day" />
    <string name="childrens_day" />
    <string name="partys_day" />
    <string name="the_armys_day" />
    <string name="teachers_day" />
    <string name="national_day" />
    <string name="christmas_dad" />
    <string name="slight_cold" />
    <string name="great_cold" />
    <string name="spring_begins" />
    <string name="the_rains" />
    <string name="insects_awaken" />
    <string name="vernal_equinox" />
    <string name="clear_and_bright" />
    <string name="grain_rain" />
    <string name="summer_begins" />
    <string name="grain_buds" />
    <string name="grain_in_ear" />
    <string name="summer_solstice" />
    <string name="slight_heat" />
    <string name="great_heat" />
    <string name="autumn_begins" />
    <string name="stopping_the_heat" />
    <string name="white_dews" />
    <string name="autumn_equinox" />
    <string name="cold_dews" />
    <string name="hoar_frost_falls" />
    <string name="winter_begins" />
    <string name="light_snow" />
    <string name="heavy_snow" />
    <string name="winter_solstice" />
Most of these seems to be Chinese holidays which would be on specific days. The weather conditions I am really not sure about, but China must have something on the same day every year...
Some of them have an English translation added (which I have removed) and I am recompiling my framework to see if this makes a difference. If it does, I will try and get it changed when the language pack is made.

Eg: Cold on 5th Jan = Day of slight cold
This removes it from the calendar. I wouldn't say it was the easiest thing in the world to do, but I can post instructions until (if) it gets merged into the language pack.

Edit: Most of the work would be automated, it would just require you to type some commands.