New Weekly 22.9.29; Dialer App; No Calling Interface & Controls; MIX 4


Oct 5, 2022
- When making calls, the call will go through but the calling control is missing. The interface for hanging up the call or opening the number pad is missing.
- When receiving calls, the phone rings up, but the interface for picking up or hanging up the call is missing. Cannot pick up the call.
- In both situations, the dialer app will show a green bar at the top saying "Tap to go back to the call - Call in progress". Tapping on that green bar had no effect.
- The issue can be mitigated by installing the Google dialer, "Phone by Google" from the app store and setting it as the default. The google dialer app works correctly.

This issue is new on 22.9.29. Did not experience similar issues in previous weekly versions.

Device: Xiaomi MIX 4
ADB Logcat log is available. The log may contain sensitive data so not posted publicly.