Weird thing happening when I charge my Mi 9 wirelessly


Mar 15, 2016
Hi just got a Mi 9 a month ago,I've been using a wireless charger (not the 20w white fast charger,but the normal black 10w xiaomi wireless charger) and I've noticed something weird,sometimes when the battery is charging and it reaches 95% of charge or so the wireless charge stops for like a second and then it restarts,it makes the sound of disconnecting and then connect sound again it charges fine up to 100% after that,also it doesn't happen all the time but has happened like 6 or 7 times.

Is this normal? I don't seem to have a problem with wireless charging per se but since this is my first phone with wireless charging I don't know if that's normal behavior or If I should be worried.


Aug 6, 2019
Phone is not aligned, it's normal if you don't have the wireless coils perfectly aligned down to the millimeter.
Unless the phone and the charger are transparent, you will hit those "invisible charging walls" a few times, especially if you have a round charger.
I suggest you download "Ampere", align the phone until it charges to the max possible, and then memorize position.