What Does Bootloader Variable Board_version Mean?

Jul 16, 2016
I am trying to get my phone working because of some bug related to google play services, that prevents me from playing Pokemon GO.

A friend of mine has supposedly identical phone and used a procedure that I was trying to follow too. It involves flashing some rom that comes from a chinese website, so I don't even know exactly what it is. The rom comes with a batch script flash_all.bat, and the very second thing it does is check: "fastboot getvar board_version", which should be 4.4, but is 4.7 in my case.

What does this variable signify? Can it be different on two identical phones?

The script checks "fastboot getvar product" prior, and that works well. My product code is the same as the script expects. I even used "adb shell" and then "cat /proc/cpuinfo" to check my CPU exact model, and it's MSM8974PRO-AC, which is what I expected exactly for my Mi4, except for this "pro" part which I don't know what it means.
Jun 25, 2016
My best guess would be your phone is actually a different model than his, there are so many versions and combinations. There is mi4 2gb ram / 16gb space, 2gb/32gb, 3gb/16gb, 3gb/32gb, then WCDMA / LTE-CU / LTE-CT depending for which market they were made, then supposedly there's one 3gb ram model with a faulty protoboard and they just disabled 1gb and sold it cheaper..

WCDMA and LTE-CU should be compatible to my knowledge as far as roms go, but LTE-CT supposedly isn't. Best check what version you have before doing any flashing.
Jul 16, 2016
Well, I managed to solved my main problem in another way. We both have 16/2/LTE-CT version I think, so it's still a mystery to me.
Jun 3, 2016
CU and CT have proto board. That's mean they locked for flashiing over MiSuite.
Desired flashing must do manually... and after that you'll have OTA.