Whats up with the "Ring 7 times" in the dialer?


Apr 15, 2011
Whats up with the "Ring 7 times" in the dialer? What does it even mean?


Im using MIUI 1.7.29 on my O2X.
It should be pretty obvious; it means that your missed calls rang 7 times before forwarding to voice mail.
I haven't missed seven calls from all of them, its been like this since day one. But if I did miss 7 calls from them, shouldn't it say "7 missed calls" or something? And shouldn't that be on a other entry with just the missed calls?
lol, no, it means it RANG 7 times before going to voicemail. not that you missed 7 calls.
I'm quoting from: https://www.techulator.com/resources/13185-Top-5-Unknown-Features-of-the-Xiaomi-Mi-3.aspx
If you got a missed call notification, head onto the calling list and see the number of times your phone rang before the call ended. You would now easily be able to make out whether it was a long ringing missed call or your buddy left you a single-ring signaling you something.

So you need to tap on arrow beside the number and scroll down to see your call history. Here you will see how many times he rang