When Are We Finally Going To Get The Mi Note Pro Source Code??

Aug 23, 2013
In the end of 2013, I got my Nexus 5, I loved my Nexus, and the Nexus loved me, it was snappy, solid, smooth and third party apps worked just fine since it ran stock Android.
I changed roms every few weeks, just cause I could, I built my own, I really got the power user full experience.
When lollipop arrived, the android world has been revolutionized, the Android echo system received a substantial upgrade, it was more beautiful, the material design really made everything better, it was fast as ever, it had great battery life and it was just right for me.

Fast forward to august 2015, I finally got my well anticipated Mi note pro!
A beautiful device, with amazing specs, and a large, nice screen.
I have no single complaint about the hardware of that device, it is truly glorious.
I opened the box and the first thing I do is google "AOSP rom for Mi note pro", to my surprise I couldn't find any result, "It's a new device, the development might still have not begun" I thought to myself.
I decide to try and make my own AOSP rom, I searched for the Mi note pro kernel source so I could begin, just to find out it doesn't exist! I did find however a few articles saying the kernel source should come out any minute now.

So I wait, and I got back to MIUI. (side note : I did use MIUI as my main OS for about 7 months on my nexus 5 before lollipop came around).
And after running MIUI for more than a month, I can surely say, It's not for me. I loved it before Andorid 5 but after that there is no going back.
I just really don't like it and I can't stand the thought of using it until I get my next phone.

So please, I beg you Xiaomi, please release the kernel source for the MI Note pro, so I, and anyone else who want, could run clean Android on their phone.

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