Where Is The Radio Fm In Mi Note Pro?

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  1. I have tried several different roms, but I can't find in there the typical application MiuiRadio.apk and of course my phone does NOT have any radio... I tried to install it as a seperate .apk, but still it won't do it... What is going on? Any ideas? Why my new Mi Note Pro does not have a radio FM?
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    because you didn't read specs before you buy that device...
  3. You are right! After I have changed several Xiaomi devices so far, I didn't read the ...MATTER-OF-COURSE of Xiaomi's flagship!!! I assumed it as a fact... poor me!
  4. By the way, take a look to this image... It is the specs of my device, from the e-shop I bought it...

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    so? its eshop fail... not Xiaomi..
  6. Inside the chinese developers rom there is a miuiradio folder. Our greek rom, doesn't have this folder, I checked it. Extracted the folder from the chinese rom, imported it, the radio icon appeared in my tools folder of Mi Note, but when I run it I get an error message