Why do you like MIUI?


Aug 22, 2011

HI Dear users miui. I want to know why do you like rom miui? what the reasons for choosing MIUI. What good or bad for your feedback.....Thank you for your answers...

MIUI forever...

P.S also interesting to come together as a team miuiandroid.
My poor English but I hopeyou understand what i areasking
Miui is the future of operating systems. In this world of mass production and commonality, Miui gives the user a chance to customize to his or her liking and stand out in a world of commonly designed operating systems. Sure you could use win7, win8, gingerbread, I.C.S etc but with Miui you can change your taste according to your own perception and likes while still having what those guys have and more. Miui is becoming a new language if you will, spoken by masses of young at heart people who just wanna have fun in a serious world where our parents and grandparents are causing war, conflict and the separation of economies and nations. Miui gives us a glimpse of a world at peace where freedom, choice and boundless fun are simply at your finger tips. While nations are fighting over scraps of oil and control in order to feed their greed, Miui is saying, "hey people look over here, we are Chinese, English, American, British, Iranian, etc, etc, we are speaking one language and offer a new way of being, growing together in freedom and love for all our neighbors on this the 3rd rock from the sun." So yes, Miui you can customize while not be constrained by Brand nor Operating system. And with Miui you are also introduced to a never ending adventure of discovery through exploration. And the best thing is, it works and no law making, copywriting, self absorbed legislators have yet got their greedy little paws on it. But more than that is Miui's abillity to amaze around every corner and under each menu or icon. So I say to those who like Miui, we are the future, we are the difference, we are a world working together for one good, we do not deal in economics, greed, oil or money, we deal in friendship, customization and a love for functional beauty.
I adore MIUI for the following reasons :

Complete control of my Rom and Device
Excellent Battery Life - SGS I9000
Reqular updates and maintenance
Simplicity and ease of use
Full Theme Customisation giving the ability to make MIUI your own unique rom (hence the name MIUI = My UI (MY USER INTERFACE)
Its supported and provided by MIUI Android for my device straight from China with no bloatware
An incredible supportive & active MIUI Community
and most of all everything just works!

-Webbrowser (GB Best ever..)
and not least "The Toggles"

Thinking this covers everything.
I see what you did there. But I totally agree.

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I agree with just about everything I've seen posted here. Miui, for me, offers pure functionality and stability that nothing else can compare to. The way MIUI handles themes is also, in my opinion, superior to everything else out there right now.

Every once in a blue moon I'll go flash a sense rom or an aosp rom but I'm never satisfied.

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I love the refined apps that come with MIUI, like Backup (much nicer than Titanium), Music (and how seamless it is with lock screens) and recently Clock. I've been using ZDclock since it has countdown/anniversary, which are required for me (laundry, birthdays), so I'm glad that Clock is finally getting some much deserved attention.

The theming is a huge benefit, since I used to change ROMs based on their aesthetics. I've seen some awful ROMs, and MIUI has its share of gaudy themes, but MIUI in a whole seems to attract more talented designers. Being able to mix and match theme elements are also a big selling point for me, since no theme is perfect.

I also like the iOS inspired but Android refined launcher. I also like the option of being able to use something like Apex/Nova as well, now that it's based on ICS. I'm hoping to get back the level of customization as with GB, minimum brightness level (still bright at lowest setting at night) and theming, which I'm sure won't take too long.
What is excellent?
1. Indigenous applications
2. Customization
3. Stability
4. Support
5. UI

Whats not?
1. ?

What can be better?
1. Camera (on Nexus S)
2. Smoother screen transitions (on Nexus S)

1 - Completly Themeable and customized by needs / visual.
2 - The simplicity you can customize it and how the device / OS options are organized.
3 - The stability.
4 - The "always present when needed" community and very united too.
5 - Fast and everything does what it's supposed to do and sometimes better :D
6 - Toggles! :)
7 - Have I mentioned completly themed? And the large stock of available themes for Download? And the ability to customize each theme?

There might be a few more things that I'll eventually remember, but this rom is the one I'm sticking with after a flash spree lol.
I like MIUI. It has many great features and facilities like: It is simple to send a message to an entire group, Easy searching of contacts, Super-fast applying of themes, Opens fast so you don't miss any photo opportunity, Sleek and smooth image browsing - much faster than normal Android, A huge online music resource is available at the tap of a button.
Why I like miui maybe already posted previously:
1. easiness to use e.g. change theme, toggle, update, backup, music player with fetching metadata etc.;
2. almost full control of the rom with LBE, guard, monitor, etc.;
3. aesthetic interface especially sms, phone, contacts by default;
4. using linux kernel :p

what i dislike:
memory consumption is a bit high;
just moved to ics last weekend, tried about 4 roms including two modded miui ones, but settled on a non miui until saturday (i didn't really like the blue ics icons) . installed 2.5.4 and haven't looked back. i've used Go Launcher since long before current S2 but now using miui launcher. i'm swayed completely by aesthtics and miui ticks every box. i've tucked every icon into a single folder and using a combination of folder organiser & desktop visualiser and exclusively buuf icons with no text. and nothing in the dock. and reading this thread, i haven't discovered half of what miui can offer. i love miui and love my phone.
It is the future of OS. We can change it according to our need and taste. The processing is very fast. The user interface is very good.