Why don't have micro sd slot??

Sep 24, 2012
Less cost, industrial, engeneering, royalty, and more gains selling increased memory versions.

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Jan 26, 2015
Also, most consumers are used to using cards those cards preformatted with the 'archaeological' fat system (and its many headed variants). These don't support decent OS-native security permissions (well, short of custom-encrypting everything written to them).
That opens up an easy pathway for one app to get at another apps files.
In short it brings us many of the potential doomsday scenarios MS-Windows also has. Yay!
OTOH, how hard can it be to demand a proper format like ext3 (for example). Therefore I'm sure marketing does come into it as the above posts state. However, the security issue is real.
Sep 19, 2013
You don't need to pronounce it ;). The question was a reference to your previous post. Now, I don't remember but maybe it's not so easy for a Windows user to take "unknown" filesystem formats ;) thus, I think, the default format for memory cards is FAT... It could be that I'm wrong. Anyways, sorry for OT :)
Jan 26, 2015
I edited my post above with some additional info, you may have missed that when you typed your answer; sorry.
Its probably an assumption by some marketing firm that a significant number of Windows users are too dumb to understand the concept of formatting a card... I think it can't be that bad, but then I'm a Linux user...