Widget keeps stopping


May 22, 2020
I have added the duckduckgo widget to the top of my home page and it works fine except overnight it stops working. The widget remains on the page but does not react to any touch command other than long hold and removal. I have to re-add the widget on a daily basis. I added the google widget and it worked for three days and on the fourth morning, it was gone from the home screen and is currently sitting at the bottom of the App Vault page (picture attached). It responds to touch for searching but it cannot be moved or deleted from the App Vault page. Does anyone have similar experiences with widgets and a suggestion for fixing?

UPDATE May 24: The duckduckgo widget now just disappears overnight. It appears some work is being done to correct the problem. Hopefully soon
UPDATE June 2: Further use of the duckduckgo app reveals that it also stops working if I reboot my phone during the day (the phone is kept on charging overnight so shutting down is not the problem with the overnight stopping of the app)


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