New Wifi, Bluetooth issues, Mi11Ultra


Mar 19, 2017

i have problems with bluetooth and wifi connection at all android 12 rom. No matter whether stable or nightly.
I have a car with android auto, the car has 5Ghz wifi for android auto. But the connection fails because the Mi11Ultra dont see the wifi (ssid, not hidden). My other phones (MiMix2s,Huawei) see the wifi.
The other problem are my bluetooth OBD adapter. I can pair the adapter but the phone doenst receive data. I have four different adapter, with all the same.

So i downgrade to latest Android 11 rom (MIUI12.5). Phone connect to car wifi and OBD adapter work without any problem. Ok, Android Auto isnt useable because it disconnect and connect every few seconds but it connects to the car wifi at least.
I found in the car radio hidden settings for wifi SSID and password and a make an manual entry in the phone but also, no chance.
I do all tips i found here and in other forums: factory reset the phone, reset the car radio, but no chance with android12 rom.
Why Android11 work with my OBD adapter and connect to car wifi, but non of the Android12 roms?


Sorry for google translate english ;)
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