Wifi problems. Rom or device? how can I test it?


Jun 25, 2018
I have a Redmi note 10 4/128
it came with the rom EEA, and now is on the xiaomi.eu stable xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote10_V12.0.9.0.RKGMIXM_v12-11.zip downloaded from this site.

With the original rom, the phone was having issues connecting to the 5GHz wifi at home. It didn't want to connect.
With the 2.4GHz wifi there are some issues as well.
Disconnections, and slow speeds in general.

The network is ok. No other of my devices has any problem (note5, 5plus, tablet and TV)

I thought there was a stock rom problem so asked to unlock bootloader, wait 1 week and yesterday finally installed twrp and your rom.

But, to my surprise, the problems are the same in this rom.

How can I test if the problem is due to malfunction of the phone instead of the rom?

Any help is appreciated.