Will there be OTA from MIUI 12 rom to 13 rom?


Dec 13, 2021
I'm far from new to flashing, however I am new to Xiaomi, MIUI and its homebrew. Recently I got a Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite and got so hyped about it and found out about Xiaomi.eu, and I really want to flash the rom, but I have to backup a lot of stuff before the wiping. However, since MIUI 13 is already around the corner, I was wondering, will it be possibly to update through OTA and dirty flash the custom MIUI 13 over the latest stable rom? Or will it most likely require to clean flash, wiping everything? Im asking because I really dont want to set up my device twice in such a short span of time, but after waiting to unlock my bootloader I cant wait to just flash the rom, I dont know if i should wait until MIUI 13 to be sure or if im safe to go.
Just in case its not clear, I am talking about xiaomi.eu custom MIUI 13 and MIUI 12 stabke, not the official update or rom
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