miui 13

  1. S

    New Compass calibration issue

    Xiaomi Compass v. and Google Maps v. 11.33.1 are absolutely lost after last Weekly 22.6.9 update. Already tried to clean cache/data and recalibrate a few times but nothing fixed the problem. The North is exactly 30º counterclockwise wrong.
  2. R

    New Mi 11 - MIUI 13.0.8 Very weird bug please help.

    Hello, For weeks now i have been trying to figure out a very weird bug on my Mi 11 but i can't seem to find the cause. What is happening is that the navigation buttons go crazy in some apps. For example when i press on one of the 3 navigation buttons in lets say Edge web browser the buttons...
  3. Moonx3

    Flashing Stock MIUI to return device, it's under warranty

    Hello, To not waste time I'll get right to it, I unlocked bootloader, and use weekly Xiaomi.eu ROM, specifically 22.5.18 as of now, haven't upgraded to 22.5.25 as I want to go back to MIUI Global, then lock my bootloader, so I can return the phone and get refunded. I talked with mi 11 AOSP...
  4. E

    MIUI update

    my device is mi 10 lite zoom (vanGogh) When will MIUI 13 update be released as recovery? I can't install fastboot rom. I also don't prefer it because it resets the device. Until now, it was always released as a recovery rom. How much longer do I have to wait? thanks...
  5. P

    Mi 11 Ultra Fingerprint not Working after Display Repair

    Hello there! I've seen a similar post but it didn't help me with my problem. I broke my Mi11 Ultra the first week I got it, so I bought a replacement screen from ********** (since Xiaomi Support Germany didn't want to sell me one for my Chinese Mi 11...). It was a screen unit with frame and...
  6. Shizaru

    How to change the color of the clock on the lockscreen?

    I decided to put a light wallpaper on the lockscreen and faced the fact that the interface adapts, but the clock does not. They remain white no matter what, the second screenshot put the wallpaper slightly gray to make it clear that the clock is still in place. Can this be fixed somehow? Or...
  7. B

    New Mi 11 Ultra - MIUI 13 - 22.24.12 - Problems with FIMI Navi 2020 (Drone app)

    Hello everyone, i have problem with app for drone fimi x8 se 2022 App name is "Fimi Navi 2022", on miui 12.5 works perfectly. On my wife Xiaomi MI 10T pro on 12.5 works perfect. If i clear all data in app work in half functions.... when i use any option like show files from card or i go to...
  8. S

    MIUI 13 update not going well

    hello guýs, I have a huge problem that is driving me crazy, which is I have waited for so long for the miui 13 update and cause my phone is from Vodafone, I waited even longer than other people, but till last week I got nothing, last week it appeared in my updater that there is an update miui 13...
  9. L

    Keyboard closes

    Hi guys, As I didn't find any information on this on the internet/in this forum I'm asking you directly, maybe someone has already found a solution or I could get patched soon. I love the fullscreen gestures, but found the bug, that sometimes when clicking on an input field the keyboard opens...
  10. M

    Invalid POCO X3 PRO MIUI 13

    So today the MIUI 13 update popped up in my phone, so I got it. There are some things I don't know how to solve and I could use some help. First, when I'm using an app that uses landscape mode and I go to recently used apps after closing it, if the screen is in vertical mode it starts tilting a...
  11. J

    Increase Memory/RAM Extension Limit

    Do you know we can Increase Memory Extension Limit in MIUI? As all MIUI 12.5 users know, there is a feature called “RAM/Memory Extension”, which adds a little bit more RAM technically to the system and makes it run better. There’s a way to modify that value. What is Memory Extension in MIUI...
  12. M

    New Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Second Display Turn on

    since my update to MIUI 13 the second screen is on on my Mi 11 Ultra even though it is turned off, I could see it in the morning when my alarm clock rings. I can't say if that has anything to do with it. In any case, I definitely turned off the second screen in my settings, but it still comes...
  13. M

    MIUI 13 Recovery 5.0 Chinese Menu..

    Hey, my Recovery Menu is in Chinese, How can I change this in Recovery 5.0?
  14. LikMaw

    Invalid [Solved] Random reboots on Mi10T (k30S ultra) MIUI 13.0.1

    Hey everybody. I have a mi10T (Redmi k30S Ultra) device with the latest MIUI13 ROM by Xiaomi.eu I've been suffering random reboots (some of them lead me to the recovery mode) without any reason. Does somebody know what to do to solve this issue?
  15. A

    Mixed Redmi and Poco logo at startup

    Hello, I used to see the Redmi logo at startup when I was powering on my Poco F2 Pro because it is a Redmi K30 Pro on China, but now, I see a mix of both, at first the Redmi logo apears on the screen and then it changes to the Poco logo, is there any way to fix this inconsistency? Thanks in advance
  16. M

    MIUI 13 terrible battery drain

    I have a MI 11 (venus) and since I have updated to stable xiaomi.eu MIUI 13 the SOT went from 5/6 hours to barely 4 hours, anything I can do to solve it?
  17. mofumofu

    New MIUI 13.0.2, Haptic feedback level not working, SWEET

    Redmi Note 10 Pro. MIUI 13.0.2 Stable. Haptic feedback is of the same strength, regardless of the value set in settings.
  18. mofumofu

    New Dual sim card crashes "com.android.phone" and reboots system. MIUI 13 Stable, Redmi Note 10 Pro

    I was using MIUI 12.6 before just upgrading it to 13 stable. I have two SIM card in my phone, SWEET. After their service were activated, they kept reconnecting and disconnecting. A pop-up shows up indicating that "com.android.phone" has been crashing. After one minute, my system reboots. This...
  19. JimmyR

    POCO F3. Banking apps on stable Xiaomi.eu ROM with MIUI 13.

    In my POCO F3 I have the global ROM, in most of the pages and videos that I have consulted they mention that installing Xiaomi.eu greatly improves the different sections of the device, so I want to proceed to install this ROM in its latest stable version with MIUI 13. But I am concerned that I...
  20. Byyto

    Invalid [POCO F2 PRO] MIUI 13 22.1.19 | Gboard lag

    Came from Global and loaded the newest weekly rom using fastboot and I have to say that Gboard is noticeably lagging especially when switching languages. I can't tell if the post about apps lagging in Android 12 is referring to the same issue since it implies the workaround has been implemented...