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  1. T

    Xiaomi 11T Pro MIUI 14 Netflix Dolby Vision issues

    Hello I've had my Xiaomi 11T Pro since half a year with official MIUI 13, MIUI 14 and now xiaomi.eu MIUI 14 v2 15.05.2023 (installed with fastboot data format) In all my MIUI versions Netflix image has this whitewash / grey aspect, with dull colors. Netflix reports that that Widevine L1 is...
  2. K

    Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite - connectivity issues

    Hi! My girlfriend is having a connectivity issue with her Mi Note 10 lite after MIUI 13 update. Besides disconnecting calls (outgoing and incoming) after a few seconds, there are other symptoms as well - pausing YouTube or other streams (podcasts, Netflix, music) every 10 or something seconds...
  3. K

    New "Unimportant notifications" option is broken after reboot

    I'm using xiaomi.eu 13.0.18 on sweet(RN 10 pro). After installing Ihere was "unimportant notifications" button in notification shade and It was working fine. However after reboot it's just gone, even if I mark notification as unimportant. I did not update any system apps. Any way to get it back...
  4. datfatty

    From Global Stable to xiaomi eu

    I have many questions to ask before I decide to unlock bootloader and install xiaomi.eu ROM 1. I have read that there still no official custom recovery for Redmi 9t, Twrp nor Orange? And I could find any where someone talking about how to install custom recovery on Redmi 9t, is there any...
  5. crimsonnight

    Poco F4 GT (MIUI 13) - Connecting to Android Auto causes reboot-loop

    So, there have been other threads reporting the same thing on devices running MIUI over the last couple of years, but the only solution I've found is to uninstall Chrome updates. I tried that and it didn't make a difference, so I managed to remove Chrome completely, but again, it didn't fix the...
  6. A

    Xiaomi 12s PRO Xiaomi.eu Stable MIUi 13 to MIUI and back

    Hi guys. I have been using stable ROM .EU V13.0.18.0.SLECNXM on my 12s PRO. After release, i flashed MIUI BETA version. After short usage i discovered some issues, mostly with Banking apps not working because they see this as unsecure ROM. I decided to flash...
  7. F

    Status bar - Battery indicator - %battery only please

    At the moment, the Status bar has 3 options for Battery indicator - icon, icon with very small % text inside, icon with % on the right side. I think the 3rd option occupies space unnecessarily as % and icon both aren't necessary. Can you add an option to show the %battery only without the...
  8. C

    Resolved [FIXED] Control center - time and date text overflow displaces icons causing them to ignore 1/2 of touch area

    Device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro EU ROM: xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote9ProEU_V13.0.1.0.SJZMIXM fastboot (modified 2022-09-03) Android version: 12, MIUI 13.0.1 xiaomi.eu Bug description: As you can see on figrue1, two icons, settings icon and edit control center icon are displaced. The issue is that the...
  9. J

    New Redmi note 11 (spes) v13.0.5 bugs i found so far.

    While having an ongoing video call, there are shadows on the edge of my front camera punch hole that's meant to not capture pixel lights on my camera. but as i have observed, the punchole shadow is inconsistent, and is only enabled on its own apps. instant apps doesn't work. when opening a link...
  10. P

    Does EU's "MIUI dialer" from CN rom also include anti-fraud from CN rom?

    There has been similar questions but no official response. CN's anti-fraud network works by uploading everyone's call in/out history and SMS to analyze, identify and backtrack potential bad actors. This system works and is overall beneficial to CN users who have nothing to hide. Before you...
  11. A

    Invalid No MIUI Lab, no drivers, and many more stuff removed

    This is my first time flashing MIUI and it feels like i'm running an android 5 lollipop emulator with nothing inside Device: poco x3 NFC Rom: latest xiaomi.eu
  12. Z

    [Guide] How to install ViPER4Android

    This is a guide for installing Magisk module ViPER4Android FX v2.7.2.1 (shortly V4A FX) [screenshot _a] Prepared and tested on Mi 11 Lite 5G NE (Lisa), with Xiaomi.eu Weekly 22.8.26 (MIUI 13/A12). However, I made it first similarly to work on the same phone but with the stock MIUI 12.5.8 (A11)...
  13. D


    Hello. İ have some bugs and questions. 1. İ have less battery time in poco x3 nfc Xiaomi eu 13 rom. How can i fix it? 2. When i update google play system device restarts twice and back to old system update september 2021. Why? 3. Sometimes after restart notification volume go down to 50%. How to...
  14. GennyLove

    MIUI 13 on redmi note 9s

    Hi!!!! I have a problem when i try to install miui 13 rom on redmi note 9s. Show me the message "failed to mount '/system_root' (No such file or directory) failed to mount '/vendor' (No such file or directory) Failed to mount '/Product' (No such file or directory) and i don't know what to do...
  15. W

    MI 10 - miui 13 updates

    Hello, Can i install this update? Is there some already installed this? Thank you,
  16. Z

    Poco Launcher on Black Shark 5 Pro

    Hi guys, by the past I got two Poco phones, and I just passed on a Black Shark 5 Pro. Now I would have the Poco launcher, but it's not available on playstore. When I install and launch it from another source, the launcher can't work because it say my phone is too recent for the launcher, that...
  17. Luisbelmont

    Bootloader unlock for Xiaomi 12X Global ROM Android 12 MIUI 13

    Is the bootloader unlocking process is the same for Android 11 and Android 12. Thank you.
  18. S

    New Compass calibration issue

    Xiaomi Compass v. and Google Maps v. 11.33.1 are absolutely lost after last Weekly 22.6.9 update. Already tried to clean cache/data and recalibrate a few times but nothing fixed the problem. The North is exactly 30º counterclockwise wrong.
  19. R

    New Mi 11 - MIUI 13.0.8 Very weird bug please help.

    Hello, For weeks now i have been trying to figure out a very weird bug on my Mi 11 but i can't seem to find the cause. What is happening is that the navigation buttons go crazy in some apps. For example when i press on one of the 3 navigation buttons in lets say Edge web browser the buttons...
  20. Moonx3

    Flashing Stock MIUI to return device, it's under warranty

    Hello, To not waste time I'll get right to it, I unlocked bootloader, and use weekly Xiaomi.eu ROM, specifically 22.5.18 as of now, haven't upgraded to 22.5.25 as I want to go back to MIUI Global, then lock my bootloader, so I can return the phone and get refunded. I talked with mi 11 AOSP...