Wondering About Mi 4c Strength Of Vibration + Smart Lock



Hi there!
(Using Miui 7.3, 6.3.31)
I purchased a Mi 4c 32GB version about two weeks ago, satisfied so far, besides two issues:
1) I have noticed it has a low vibration intensity. I mean, i hardly notice calls/notifications while it's in my pocket (of course in comparison to other mobile phones i had). i tried to look for a tweak in settings but besides the casual vibration setting in "sound and notification" which doesn't seem to make any difference in call vibration, i couldn't find any. my question is whether this is a software issue that can be resolved, or should i accept the fact that i would never be able to attend my calls in noisy surroundings?

2) smart lock feature - it doesn't work. can someone with an official Mi-4c ROM confirm this feature is intended to work on this device?, so that we can look forward on having this feature in the un-official rom.

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