Xiaomi 10T Pro bootloop – possible to save data?


Dec 23, 2022
Hi guys,

I have a problem with a Xiaomi 10T Pro. It is in bootloop. The reason for that is unknown (it’s a friend’s phone). The phone settings are basically all standard, meaning the bootloader is locked, stock recovery and stock OS.

I can access recovery and fastboot. Safe boot and repair boot out of recovery does nothing. It is just showing the MIUI logo as during the normal boot.

Is there any way to copy the data of the phone (photos would be enough)?

I read about flashing just the boot.img of the firmware but I don’t know which version is running. I am assuming the newest one that come with OTA updates.

I also read that some people wiped the data in recovery (only full wipe possible in stock recovery) and then used some android data recovery software to recover their data.

Not very satisfying options. I would really appreciate a different option. Any ideas?

My first idea was to boot into TWRP but because of the locked bootloader this is not possible.
My opinion is that you gonna need a professional solution to recover data from the phone.
In this moment you will not be able to flash boot.img since the bootloader is locked.
Let see what ideas have others.