Xiaomi 12 pro is dead after low batteri


Oct 13, 2023
My phone just died on me after the battery went to 0.
After connecting it to charger i tried to start it and the logo appeared for a short moment and then the screen went black.
I've had it in charger for several hours but there's no indication on the screen for charging, its completely black,
I've also connected to the pc and theres is no sound and no promp for the phone.

I have never flash the phone or anything like that. I've just use it out of the box.

any help would be appreciated.
1. This forum is for users which have flashed their phones with Xiaomi.eu custom rom, have you flashed your phone with one of xiaomi.eu rom? What version?
2. I think is a hardware issue in your case, you must send your phone to a repair shop/warranty.