New xiaomi 13(fuxi) hyperos OS1.0.6.0.UMCCNXM android passkey doesn't function


Nov 14, 2023
I'm not sure if it is a bug of the ROM or just a spceial case of my bad luck, so I need you guys' help to see if you can reproduce it.
passkey(andriod FIDO)
I use fuxi as passkey device. When login in website with passkey setted on windows 11 though chrome, I select xiaomi13 as passkey devcie, then the "connecting UI" pops up on my phone. But after several seconds of waiting, it just says that "device can't be connected" and the whole passkey verification process failed.

phone screenshot(by the way the "connecting UI" and "can't connect UI" just overlapped with each other, maybe also a bug)

I tried to logcat a log during the process, and find some error maybe related to this problem:

To be noted that such problem only occurs when the passkey verication started on other devcies. when i log in such website with passkey on my phone itself, the verification process completes and i can sign in.

PS: i used to use such function on MIUI 14 xiaomieu ROM, without problem.

Thank you for all your help, and forgive my poor English.
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I had the same experience befor downgrading to MIUI 14. Can anybody please take a look?