New Xiaomi 13 Pro (nuwa) - WiFi related Battery Drain issue?


May 2, 2023
Hi, I have a strange issue with my Xiaomi 13 Pro (nuwa)

While the phone is not connected to any WiFi network the battery consumption is
fair, the phone goes into Deep Sleep mode, but when I connect the phone to any WiFi
network tried different access points Asus WiFi Routers, Mikrotik CAPs, Tp-Links, also
turned off WiFi Scanning, turned off location - nothing solved the problem.
the phone does not go into Deep Sleep mode, the CPU runs at about 500MHz almost all the time
and drains battery, and the phone is getting warm. When I disconnect it from the WiFi network
the phone goes back to Depp Sleep mode.

- The installed ROM is
- Rooted with Magisk 25.2
- TWRP Installed twrp-3.7.0_12-v7.5_A13-nuwa-skkk.img

Any suggestion, how to solve this problem?


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