Xiaomi 13 ultra / suddenly no data transfer


Dec 1, 2023
2 weeks ago I bought a Xiaomi 13 ultra 12/256 GB EU Version from TradingShenzen. I let done the Data Transfer (contacts, apps, videos ...) through a Xiaomi Store and the mobile works perfect.
But suddenly the mobile does not play videos and music and the data transfer is very slow, so nothing works normal. There I No difference in Date
Transfer If I use WiFi or the other simcard. So I think there is a restriction in the Xiaomi mobile itself. Is there anyone
with similar problems solved??? Many thanks for advice

Everything, a softwareupdate made everything smooth I Love my Xiaomi 13 ultra bought from TradingShenzen
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Everything okay, a software update mad everything smooth. I love my Xiaomi 13 ultra bought from TradingShenzen