Xiaomi 13t (MIUI14) cannot create direct dial widget


Oct 16, 2023
Hi all, I have a new Xiaomi 13T and I am unable to create a direct dial widget for my homescreen - neither the standard way (I don't see any "Direct dial" option in widgets menu for the Contacts app), but not even with the "workaround method" I used on my previous Android 13 phone (i.e. mark given contact as a favourite, then long press the phone icon on the homescreen and when this favourite contact appears, I should be able to drag it on the homescreen, where a direct dial widget should be created. However, no dragging is possible in my case)
Does anyone experience the same, and is there a solution/workaround? Thanks a lot!
I don't understand exactly what your problem is.
A direct dial (call) widget can be added.


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Je možné že to Globální ROM nepodporuje i když je to divné. Jak vidíš na xiaomi.eu ROM to možné je. Ovšem zařízení s MediaTek zde nejsou podporované.

It is possible that the Global ROM does not support it. As you can see on the xiaomi.eu ROM it is possible.

It's probably not supported by your Launcher. Try an alternative to see if the direct dial widget appears.
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