Xiaomi Anti-fake App : Original Date Of Purchase

Sep 1, 2014
Hi, I got an essential question about the app.

Few weeks ago, I ordered a MI2S supposed to be brand new. It appears that Xiaomi anti fake app said the phone was originally purchased on january 2015. Seller claimed it wasn't refurbished and that it is just because his distributor purchased it online at the time. Anyway, I returned the phone back cause it was defective.

Now, I ordered a new MI2S from another website. I received it today. The phone is authentic, in perfect condition and scratch code is intact. What's bugging me is that Xiaomi app says the phone was originally purchased on 2013-12-24.

So the question is : was the first seller right about the date of purchase ? Can the date be related to the distributor purchase ? Or does that automatically means that someone owned the phone before me (reconditionned phone) ?

Thanks in advance for the clarification.