Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro: Partly bricked? How to force install firmware via USB?


Sep 18, 2023
My Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro can only connect to the right earbud.

  • Both earbuds worked a few days ago (they are brand new and have only been used a few times)
  • No information about the buds are displayed in the Mi buds M8 app (but they are recognized)
  • Holding in the case button for 2 seconds to connect or 10 seconds to factory reset only works when the right earbud is in the case alone, with both in it does not connect or factory reset
  • Using Mi buds M8 app to install a firmware results in "Connect device" when

My guess:
  • An automatic firmware update has failed for some reason
  • Installing firmware via USB cable from my computer to the ear buds could work

How can you help me?
  • Suggest ways of how to install the firmware from my Mac to the buds via USB (software suggestion)
  • Any other idea that could resolve the issue

Thanks in advance