1. L

    AX3200 devices online/offline - clients

    Hi all, When I pair my global AX3200 router with MI app, the time of the connected devices changes only when I turn off the wifi. If I leave the house lost the connection and then go back in on the last connected date: 06/20 9:30 does not update to 9:35. With CN rom does this function work...
  2. L

    AX3200 Global router to CN firmware

    Hi all, How can I upgrade my global version router to CN firmware? What is the method?
  3. mecanicodev

    Mi Router 4C with WiFi range extender Pro 2

    I have a Mi Router 4C (model R4CM) and as a main router, I want to use WiFi range extender Pro 2, as a repeater, but I can't make it works, the extender is unable to add the device (router), this is odd because I successfully setup the extender with other brands router. Any ideas about how I...
  4. S

    Xiaomi AX3600 can't sync with the node

    Hi everybody, I bought 3 ax3600 in order to setup a big mesh network at home. I updated all of them with the last firmware 3.0.22 I setup the main router and select add node ! I see my two other node so I select the first and add it. During the sync of the network with the new node it always...
  5. V

    Xiaomi AX3600 and other new Mi routers - Port Forwarding functionality is broken

    The port forwarding at Xiaomi AX3600 router doesn't work at. Multiple users report problem with port forwarding at AX3600 - which in fact is basic functionality for devices as router is. Please review exemplary posts: or I've tried also to open a specific port and the port is not being...
  6. R

    Xiaomi Mi R1D AC WiFi Router - slow internet speed

    Hi all, In 2017 i bought an Mi R1D AC WiFi Router, and I've been using it as a repeater. Now, because I want to use it as a main router (mainly because my ISP's router is sh*t) I changed it to router settings. I have a 1Gigabit connection, and when I test the connection speed directly in the...
  7. V

    can u downgrade Xiaomi 4 to Xioami 3 firmware

    Hi, I need to get L2TP function under VPN in router 4 , it was there in Xiaomi Router 3C, but in Xiaomi router 4 its not there. Please help how i can get thinking to downgrade the Firmware is that possible ? Regards Vinay Kumar
  8. T

    Mi Router 3, connected external HDD and can't browse from PC

    Hey everyone :) I am having an issue with the Mi Router 3. Overall it is working fine, I have installed the latest official firmware, my Mi Wifi android app is working well. The problem has begun when I connected an external HDD drive. The Mi Wifi app can see the content of it but after...
  9. Michalis Stefanakis

    Mi Wifi Router 3 - Dosn't Work 5g And Guest Wifi

    Hello! I have the xiaomi router 3 with firmware 2.10.38 (english version) and doesn't work 5g and guest wifi. I have changed several times the firmware, to be resolved but nothing. What to do?
  10. dushan135

    Change Hdd In Mi R1d Ac Wifi Router

    Can we change the internal HDD of this router? I want to use 4TB HDD to this.
  11. M

    Router Pro (r3p) Blocking Wifi Printer Scanner

    I just installed my new xiaomi router pro, as a replacement of my tp-link router. everything seems to be working fine and superfast. except for one thing: my wifi printer/scanner will just not work anymore. the new router has been set up exactly the same as my old router; same ssid, passwords...