Xiaomi .EU is legal?


Oct 2, 2016
Hi asking, im about to unlock Poco F6 to install xiaomi eu version of rom

i know no more warranty can be claim

but just asking for curiosity, is xiaomi eu rom is kind of official? i see no xiaomi inteference, they never sue?
It is not an official Xiaomi ROM.
Xiaomi.eu is a custom ROM.
i see this in wikipedia

An organisation named Xiaomi Europe, using the domain xiaomi.eu and working officially with Xiaomi despite not being affiliated with the Chinese company, was set up in 2010 as a community for English-language Xiaomi users with phones running MIUI associated with an Android version. The website issues its own stable and weekly versions of Xiaomi MIUI ROMs based on the stable, and on the weekly beta versions of the Chinese ROM.Installing the xiaomi.eu ROM, however, voids the warranty on Xiaomi phones; according to the xiaomi.eu leader, the official ROM must be flashed and the bootloader locked before returning a device for warranty repair.