Xiaomi.eu ROM - how to move data between first space and second space? "Move Data" app is missing


Mar 11, 2020
I have a Xiaomi Mi6 and a Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Plus.

I have set up second space on both devices.

The Mi6 is running latest available official Global Stable ROM MIUI 11.0.3.

The Mi Pad 4 Plus is running latest available Xiaomi.eu weekly ROM MIUI 10.5. Previously it was running the latest Xiaomi.eu Stable ROM MIUI 10.3.

With the Mi6, in second space there is an app called "Move Data" which can be used to move data between first space and second space. This was installed automatically when the second space was created.

With the Mi Pad 4 Plus, I do not see the "Move Data" app anywhere in second space.

Can someone please tell me where to find the "Move Data" app in second space created with Xiaomi.eu ROM? I installed the "XiaomiEU Tools" app but it does not include "Move Data".
Or alternatively, can someone point me to where I can download the Xiaomi "Move Data" apk? Or possibly another app that would allow me to move data between first space and second space.

Thank you.


Oct 6, 2016
If you're rooted, you could use any root file Explorer (like mixplorer or fx) to access the locations and copy/move files by going to emulated/10 or 999, 0 is for default user.