Xiaomi mi 10 5g Bootloop


Dec 22, 2022

1 week ago i was using my xiaomi mi 10 , and of all a sudden it crashed.
since then it is stuck in a bootloop.
The phone was stock, bootloader still locked. i tried to restart with the recovery and in safe mode with no luck. I tried to reboot it via fastboot continue and still no luck.
I replaced the battery and the volume and power on buttons (sometimes they cause shortage).

But still the phone can't boot properly.

Now i know the obvious thing to do is a complete wipe, but there is some data on the phone that i would like to save.

I tried installing the chinese version of mi pc suite, but i can't really do much from there, since my phone is updated to the V13.0.6.0.SJBEUXM, last european version. I was hoping that by updating it i could make it work.

I ask you guys if you know anything that can help me, i cannot install any recovery because the bootloader is still locked, and by unlocking it i will lose all data.

Thank you in advance.