New Xiaomi mi 10 Ultra "Bad Camera Quality"


Sep 18, 2020
I know this Thread has already been done but I wanted to put the issue more directly because it ended up somewhat on the back burner. Thanks a lot developers for fixing the strange green screen bug for the front camera in the videos but I wanted to talk about one last problem present in the spectacular camera of the Xiaomi mi 10 Ultra.

I noticed that many have complained about the actual yield of the main camera (Or more generally of all four of those behind the smartphone in particular the 5x) because in the Eu version it seems to be less "performing" with lower quality photos than the ROM China Stock and this quality problem I think I have noticed it too. Unfortunately I don't really have before and after photos of the same subject in the same conditions to be able to prove my thesis but some people with magisk modules have changed the camera app with the stock one and have found an improvement they say (even if in the their case the green camera bug continued to be there being a separate problem).

In particular, I am not very good at changing ROM again and returning to the stock in order to bring tangible examples, the only flaw that is really tangible to note is that the Xiaomi mi 10 ultra with the Eu ROM tends to change the camera "autonomously" ".
I explain better the phone when it has to take a photo in 2x, 5x or higher should use two different cameras, in reality if you put a 2x or 5x photo and put a finger on the respective camera that it should use you can see how the smartphone instead you simply use a crop of the main Wide camera, this results in a significant drop in zoom quality and it seems that the camera is only changed with zooms greater than 15-20x.

In general, therefore, these two are the problems that afflict the fantastic camera of this smartphone and I thank the developers very much for the work they do but at this point (I'm speaking as an inexperienced person) they could change the camera with the Chinese stock version (which is the version tested by DxOMARK which has decreed the first place as a camera phone) and solve with that version the bug of the green front camera that they have already identified.

Thank you very much for reading everything and I thank the developers again because without this European rom complete with all this smartphone it wouldn't be so nice.