Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro - and the GPS position "freezes" when using navigation.


Jan 21, 2022

I have a Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro - and the GPS position "freezes" when using navigation.
This is manifested by the fact that when driving a car or walking, the GPS location position just seems to lock up. I checked on the GPStest and it looks like the GPS position freezes / locks, the satellites show active (but do not change) to the way I go, e.g. 40km / h and stop, then the navigation shows these 40km / h and the hour (seconds) do not update in GPS.

It detects the GPS position very well, AGPS reset or, for example, cleaning the GoogleMaps cache does not help. Sometimes restarting the phone will help, sometimes the position itself will unlock. I thought it might be a problem with the maps, but all the maps go crazy and there is also a problem on GPS testing applications as I described.

In practice, when driving on any map, e.g. GoogleMaps - the position goes crazy, moves backwards / jumps forward / backwards, shows badly or reacts with a huge delay.

I noticed that if I turn off "location" in the menu - then all satellites / position / time / speed are blocked (i.e. similarly to this problem that the GPS itself locks when it wants to), but in this case I force the location to be turned off . That's what I noticed by accident.

Someone may have a similar problem?
Regards (sorry for my bad English).
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