Xiaomi mi 10t pro "the system has been destroyed" (Data loss is not an option!) [closed]


Aug 16, 2023
Xiaomi mi 10t pro 8GB Ram 128GB ROM MIU Recovery 5.0

Hello everyone, I turn to you today with my exceedingly broken English to tell you my tale of woe.

After my last holiday and the peak of data you don't want to lose, after a charge + restart process of my phone, the device moved into a bootloop.

At the time before the bootloop, I had virtually no memory left, so I removed a few things from my media library and restarted the device. -> Bootloop

Currently I am facing the problem that I have not found a method to preserve my data or to extract my data.

Possibly via ADB, but I have been trying in vain for 2 days to unlock the bootloader.

I assumed that I had set the automatic back-up via Google at the beginning of the mobile phone configuration, but I have never checked this. Conclusion: There is none.

Now I ask you to help me in my situation.

My last option.. the last point i want to try,. "flash_all_except_storage" - no one can tell me if it works without a data lost

What has not worked so far: fastboot oem unlock fastboot erase cache (maybe not enouth storage to boot?) fastboot flashing unlock

miflash for unlock bootloader wipe all data - xiomie to follow

no matter how long you press the power button, the phone always wants to restart. I broke the backplate to disconnect the battery, no improvement.

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(Data loss is not an option)

when i have system data, i want to use * for example https://droidwin.com/extract-system..._1_Download_the_systemnewdatbr_Extractor_Tool