XIAOMI MI 8 retrieve data from unlocked phone - phone keeps crashing app problem


Aug 6, 2022

I have XIAOMI MI 8 phone (operation system Miui global 12.0.3 and Android 10 QKQ1.190828.002) and I kindly ask you for information/advice how to resolve an unusual problem that occurred on my phone. It seems as the application (Find my device) crashed, because everytime I unlock my phone, after 3-5 seconds the telephone resets itsself. This means it turns on again, but when you unlock the phone it resets in a few seconds no matter what I do. I tried the FASTBOOT - volume down button. When I restarted it, I hold the volume down button and it goes into the fastboot. Then I restarted the phone again and it didn't help.

I don't want to do hardboot, because I will lose my data. Is there any option to retrieve my data (I want my photos) from my phone in a save mode without unlocking it?
Does anybody recommend any program that can access the phones data while the phone screen is locked?

Thanks for your help!