New Xiaomi MI 9 Lite not connecting to PC via USB


Jul 23, 2023
Hi! So I can't connect my phone to the pc via usb. When I plug the cable in the phone just charges. The notification that usually pops up when you do that asking you what do you want to do doesn't show up either. I tried with various cables, all of them working with other xiaomi phone I've got, but when I try to connect my MI 9 Lite doesn't work. I tried USB debugging, I made sure my USB notifications from the phone are on, I downloaded some drivers on my computer but nothing works.

Does anyone know what the problem might be? Thanks!


Sep 2, 2023
Go to device manager, find Mi 9 Lite under portable devices, Select it, Right Click, Select Update Drivers, Browse My Computer (bottom option), Select Let Me Pick from .... (bottom option)... Then select MTP USB Device. Okay... Pls tell if this not worked!