Xiaomi Mi Mix 3


Jan 14, 2020
Hello everyone,,
I currently own a mix 2 and I want to buy the mix 3 but I got some reserve as off right now and I wish to get some thought about some things .

First , is the fact that the mix 3 is not waterproof like every new flagship these days have is a big compromise compare to what the mix 3 has to offer ??

2nd I'm in Canada and I wonder if I should wait for the global launch version or go with the Chinese one on **********. ( Maybe they will make it with more band for the global )
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I currently use xiaomi.eu ROM and I see that there is already a non official ROM with language pack out and I know TWRP official and xiaomi.eu ROM will come soon enough .

Should I take the 6gb Variant or the 8gb one . Is it so much of a difference between both that I should get 8 GB ?? Knowing I won't keep my phone more then 2 years ??.

I'm pretty scared about the slider ... It's a very good idea but what you guys think about rain , dust pocket dirt , do you guys think the mix 3 as of the time you got it can keep it up and stay good to do his job ?? .
Anyway as of now those are my question I think of .
Please help me clarifying some ..
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Dec 26, 2018
Rain and pocket dust aren't a problem, it does get a little dusty but you can just wipe it off with your finger, it doesn't affect the slider mechanism. Wait for the global launch? Have you been hiding under a rock?? It's been global for a long time now, but only in the 6gb variant. If you're running this rom anyway, it doesn't matter, and in fact the Chinese device is probably better because it has more memory and more wireless band coverage. Not sure why you'd buy a Mix 3 now anyway, the Mi 9 is a better option, I wish I'd waited a few months and bought the Mi 9 instead (I''ve had the Mix 3 for over a year, 8/256 Chinese).